I fell in love with this beautiful property and knew from the moment I saw it that it was the haven I had been searching for.

Over the years, I have been blessed to discover the likes of yoga, mindfulness and beauty in nature. These have all enabled me to find a new pleasure, peace and general enjoyment in life. My ambition is to enable others to find their own stillness through just being here.

I was lucky enough to be taught yoga by Amanda Latchmore, a well respected and astounding advocate who is now a treasured friend. In the January of 2014 I began to find true healing and comfort from my weekly sessions… I soon realised that yoga was to become a vital part of my life and now continue to evolve my practice.

A course in mindfulness helped me to seek control of my often racing thoughts and allowed me to find ways to settle my mind, uncovering the potential of my current state whether it was trying to switch off or focusing on my new and exciting project. I reflected that this too could be key to souls discovering a door that leads them to a better and healthier mind set.

In recent years I have come to realise that great strength and focus can be found in seeking optimum health. I have seen people close to me find real benefit to their bodies and minds by becoming engaged in a new healthy eating style or fitness activity. Like many of us, the lives of the people around me have been touched by cancer. I want to offer complimentary days and treatments to cancer patients with my aim being to create a chance for recovering patients to find inspiration in their future.

Personally, I often resort to a walk in the countryside and find great comfort in the wonders of nature… I want to share this with others and hope they too can find restoration in the natural surroundings. Over the time I have developed the wellness centre, there have been many different people on site from builders to electricians, plumbers and decorators yet almost all of them have commented on how special the place is, a ‘hidden gem’, I can’t wait to share this with more.

The logo was a very natural development that evolved through wanting to find a nurturing symbol that also depicted the magic of germination and growth. The idea is that The Acorn itself will plant seeds in the minds of its visitors so that they are inspired to find new ways of managing their lives and flourishing into healthier versions of themselves.

My vision is to see The Acorn as a place to encourage and influence individuals into finding ways to improve their lifestyle whether it is through engaging in a new activity or simply by allowing themselves time out to reflect.

I hope to see you soon, Katie.

All treatments can be tagged onto any of our day packages starting from just £80. Each option includes lunch and use of the facilities.

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