Yoga is an ancient system of philosophies, principles and practices developed from Vedic tradition. It is the union of body, breath, mind and spirit through various techniques which cultivate the experience of that union and lead to peacefulness, and clarity of mind. Yoga is good for health and wellbeing, and regular practice can bring about a greater sense of self awareness and a higher consciousness.

At The Acorn we are proud to have the highest quality teachers providing a wide range of Yoga styles and whom we carefully select according to the clients needs.



“Yoga found me when I needed it most, after the loss of my little boy in 2002.

I was looking for a physical practice combined with tools for quietening my overactive mind.  Also, awareness of my breathing encouraged feelings of peace, calm and positivity.

I have been teaching (Dragonfly Yoga) in the Harrogate area for a number of years, both group classes and private lessons. I’m also a Reiki Master.

I am also work with sound (Dragonfly Sound Therapy) and use primarily gongs, and also singing bowls and drums for deep healing and releasement of physical and emotional trauma, leaving the person feeling beautifully balanced and calm.  When I combine Yoga Nidra with the gongs it is simply heavenly. I look forward to seeing you soon.”


“I started yoga almost 20 years ago thinking it was a form of exercise that helped you relax.

After studying with the BWY and many other inspiring teachers including my first ever teacher Amanda Latchmore and my brother Edward Harpin who runs and owns the Orange Tree Retreat Centre.

My practice has deepened and yoga meditation and mindfulness have now become a way of life. The tools I have gained are invaluable and literally have changed my life.

My vision as a yoga teacher is to pass on these tools that help bring good health peace happiness gratitude trust and kindness into every day life.”

The Lotus – our purpose built Yoga Studio at The Acorn Wellness Retreat

All treatments can be tagged onto any of our day packages starting from just £80. Each option includes lunch and use of the facilities.

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